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Quick and Easy Christmas Elf Makeup Look for the Festive Season

Quick and Easy Christmas Elf Makeup Look for the Festive Season

by Natalie Wilding

Content Producer | Makeup Artist | Collector of Figurines & Statues

Natalie is a Sydney-based content specialist who is utterly obsessed with all things DC Comics and is a certified makeup extraordinaire. You will generally find her curled up reading fantasy books and consuming way too much chocolate.

Santa’s workshop is calling! It's time to wrap those toys for delivery by Santa’s sleigh. Before the present packing starts, let's get into the Christmas spirit with a fun Christmas-themed elf makeup. Let me show you how to transform yourself into a festive elf in time for the holiday season.

You’ll need:


  • Green or red eyeshadow.
  • Shimmering eyeshadow (for inner corner).
  • Lip liner and lipstick.
  • Fake pixie nose.
  • Adhesive.
  • Loose powder (to set nose).
  • Pair of fake elf ears.
  • Your choice of base makeup (foundation, powder, contours, blushes and highlights).
  • Brown liquid eyeliner for freckles (and eyes).




    - Before applying the fake nose, ensure your nose is clean with no makeup.

    • Apply adhesive, along the inside edge of the nose. Place over your nose and hold for 3-5 minutes.
    • Apply extra adhesive along the edges of the nose. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Once no longer sticky, powder off to set.
    • Apply your foundation and any other desired base makeup (be sure to colour blend the nose with your foundation). I chose a nude lip and added extra blush for an extra cutesy elf-style.

    Eye makeup:

      • Sweep your chosen eyeshadow colour over your eyelids in your desired style. I chose green but red would look great too.
      • Apply the shimmering eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid, all the way to the crease.
      • Apply your desired liquid eyeliner design.
      • Apply the eyeshadow to the lower lash line. 
      • Pat shimmer eyeshadow to your inner corner and sweep above your brow bone. I chose a shimmering pale pink for my pale complexion.
      • Apply mascara and/or fake eyelashes if desired.
      • Dot a scattering of freckles across your cheeks and nose using your liquid eyeliner.
      • Place the fake elf ears on top of your own (The ears were a bit big for me, to keep them in place I applied the adhesive I used for the nose and stuck the ears to the side of my head).
      • Style your hair and pop on your elf hat or costume.


      Once you have finished and you’re dressed and ready to work in Santa’s workshop, remember to tag us in any of your pics (@costumebox). Happy Holidays!

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