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Easy Cat Eye Makeup for Swifties and Fifties featured image

Easy Cat Eye Makeup for Swifties & Fifties

by Vanessa Vumbaca

Digital Content Manager | Pop Culture Nerd | Cosplay & Musical Theatre Enthusiast

Vanessa is a Sydney-based content specialist who is passionate about all things pop culture. When she isn't creating content or cosplaying, you can find her rehearsing for the next musical she's in.

I am totally obsessed with Taylor Swift and love using her as inspo for our Insta and TikTok! Unfortunately, I didn’t get tickets to her Era’s Tour concert but I’m here shaking it off and ignoring my disappointment. Anyway, I wanted to do my makeup the same way she does, with her iconic 50s-style cat eye look, to give the content some more T-Swift authenticity.

While I may not have heaps of experience with makeup, I know enough application to get by - though, I most certainly do not expect to look like the professionals that dominate my social feeds.


So, if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of makeup products or knowledge but want to achieve that T-Swift cat eye look for the Era’s tour concert, are attending 1950s party and need a makeup look, or want a bold but achievable everyday look, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to draw your cat eye [sharp enough to kill a man] without being a makeup expert:

You’ll Need:

- Sticky tape
- Eyeliner (liquid is preferred but I didn’t have any)
- Eyeshadow
- Mascara (or fake lashes if you like)
- Red lipstick
- Your base makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, contouring, etc)
- Setting spray or powder.


    Step 1

    Angle sticky tape upward at the corner of your eye to get the cat eye angle you want. 

    Step one: place sticky tape

    Step 2

    Apply your eyeliner along the tape starting from the cat eye tip to your inner eye corner.

    Step two: apply eyelinerStep two: apply eyeliner

    Step 3

    Carefully peel away tape. If using liquid liner, let it dry before removing tape.

    Step three: peel away tape

    Step 4

    Sweep your choice of eyeshadow over your eyelid.

    Step four: apply eyeshadowStep four: apply blue eyeshadow

    Step 5

    Apply mascara (or fake lashes).

    Step 6

    Apply your base makeup.

    Step 7

    Apply your red lipstick.

    Step 8

    Set with powder or spray.

    Finished Taylor Swift cat eye look

      That’s it! Enjoy the concert if you were one of the lucky ones who scored tickets, enjoy your 1950s party, or have fun sporting that bold cat eye and red lip look with your everyday outfits.


      See below for our step by step video tutorial:


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