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Shop by Colour

Choose a balloon colour to suit your theme, or mix and match balloon colours to complement each other.

Special Occasion Balloons

From birthdays, to milestones and achievements, every major event in your life deserves balloons that match the occasion in grand style.

Annual Celebration Balloons

Elevate the excitement of the year's most significant celebrations with stunning balloons designed for each major event date.

Shop by Theme

We have a beautiful array of colourful balloons to match popular party themes.

Balloon Inspiration

Find blogs, lifestyle imagery and more to inspire you and kick start your party dreams.

Decorate Your Party With Balloons and Accessories

The number one element to your party decorations are balloons of course. CostumeBox has an enormous range of balloons just for you! You’ll surely find a balloon that you’re after including small and large latex balloons coming in an assortment of colours and patterns or themes perfect for specific themed parties. In addition to fabulous foil balloons including orbz balloons and large individual air walker balloons that look incredible with helium that automatically brightens up your party. Our balloon range is made to can cater to whatever type of party you might be having, we offer cheap and extensive cheerful or delicate high-quality products. From a young birthday with boys that want superhero and pirate balloons, to Disney characters such as Elsa and Anna, to the 21st birthday, graduation and a baby shower! CostumeBox has everything covered. Even pick up a bouquet of balloons as a pick me up for your friend, or as an easy decoration idea for that wedding. What’s more, we offer awesome balloon accessories to help stop your balloons from floating away including colourful balloon weights and much more. Just remember please don’t release helium balloons into the atmosphere. Dispose of balloons correctly. Shop CostumeBox’s range of Balloons today.

Lettered, Numbered And Shaped Balloons For Your Special Occasion

Make CostumeBox your one-stop balloon shop for any your special occasions. Balloons are the perfect starting point for setting up your decorations for any event including weddings, baby showers, milestone birthdays, graduations, new years eve and engagement parties. When planning your party try to mix and match balloons depending on your needs.

  • For a milestone birthday see our large letters and numbered balloons to create a row of balloons spelling out your name, happy birthday and your milestone age! The range features a huge variety of 86cm individual lettered and numbered foil balloons coming in an assortment of colours. Great for creating very own 30th birthday balloons, 40th birthday balloons. This range is also perfect for finding NYE balloons and even for graduations, weddings and engagement parties. The limit is your imagination.

  • What's more, CostumeBox has an awesome range of gender reveal balloons that each feature a black balloon one with blue scatters and the other with pink scatters, a great idea for revealing your baby's gender to your friends. In addition to cute themed baby shower balloons including a Baby Boy and Baby Girl balloons!

  • For weddings and engagement parties you could check out our multicoloured balloons, or more specifically our solid colour star and love heart foil balloons coming in a range of unique colours including rose copper, jade satin, flamingo and purple royale. For all this and more check out CostumeBox’s range of balloons for special occasions today.

Themed Balloon Ideas For Your Kids And Milestone Birthday Party

Balloons are a must-have decoration idea for any kids birthday party, annual event or milestone birthday. Checkout CostumeBox’s fabulous themed character balloons that are fantastic for your sons or daughters birthday party. Featuring fantastic helium balloons of all shapes and sizes including smaller latex balloons coming in packets of 6 and larger foil balloons covered with prints of their favourite themes from across pop culture. You can host a paw patrol party with our special paw patrol balloons to an Avengers party featuring foil balloons and larger air walkers of all your favourite Avengers. Plus girls themed balloons from Disney’s Frozen, imaging having giant floating balloons of Anna and Elsa surrounded by snowflake hangings. Don’t forget the kids can’t have all the fun, many of our themed balloons could work wonders for an Adult themed party! Not to mention some of our Adult party balloons for your decade’s, Hawaiian luau party, plus annual events like Halloween and Australia Day. Be sure to start shopping balloons today.

Essential Balloon Weights And Accessories

Whether you decide to fill your latex birthday balloons with helium or air, CostumeBox has some great balloon accessories. To keep your balloon from floating away, CostumeBox has a great range of balloon weights, coming in all sorts of colours and designs with different themes from mardi gras, pirates to luau. Plus we have a balloon tail weights with colourful 3D dot designs, simply tie your helium balloon to the end. For your air-filled balloons why not do a balloon drop at your party? CostumeBox’s balloon drop bag does the trick, simply fill with the balloon bag with up to 72 balloons and pull a ripcord to release all the balloons in a shower of balloons. A much more environmentally sustainable balloon activity than a balloon release. Whats more CostumeBox offers balloon arch strips measuring 7.6m and a backdrop kit. For more check out CostumeBoxs range of Balloon accessories.

Birthday Balloons Delivered Straight To Your Door

CostumeBox has a fantastic range of Balloons from metallic balloons, foil balloons, latex balloons and all the rest with suitable balloons for any occasion whether you're throwing an NYE party to a paw patrol themed birthday party. CostumeBox has speedy delivery options available for Australians in greater metropolitan areas plus a free delivery* option on Australian orders, as well as free and easy returns. Start shopping CostumeBox’s balloon today.

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