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From Fearless to Folklore: Taylor Swift Tour Outfit Inspiration

From Fearless to Folklore: Taylor Swift Tour Outfit Inspiration

by Chantel Charchalis

Marketing & Graphic Design Manager | Creativity Queen | Parties, Animals & Nature Lover

Chantel is a Brisbane-based marketing and graphic designer who thinks through visualisations and plans through ipad sketchs. You will find her planning themed parties, renovating houses and caravans, as well as upcycling furniture.

Taylor Swift's albums are a fashionista's dream come true, with each era bringing a fresh burst of style. From the wild west vibes of her earlier albums, to the "all that glitters" looks of 1989, Taylor has given us a kaleidoscope of looks to drool over.
We have narrowed down our top costume and accessory picks, so the hard work is done for you!


Album: Taylor Swift (Self-titled)

Year: 2006

Taylor Swift Album Cover

The Look: Cowgirl attire with boots, denim skirt, plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat. Accessorise with a guitar (toy or prop), bandana, leather bracelets, a necklace with a heart pendant. You could also wear a curly long blonde wig to really show your early-swift side.

Album: Fearless

Year: 2008

Taylor Swift Fearless Album Cover

The Looks: Dreamy Juliette inspired dresses, as worn in the Love Story film clip. Choose from the popular cheerleader or the nerdy girl attire from the You Belong With Me film clip with pig-tails, black rimmed glasses and an oversized t-shirt. For a stand-out look choose a knockout gold fringed or sequined dress, inspired by her tour outfit.

Fearless Album Outfits

Album: Speak Now

Year: 2010

Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Cover

The Look: The first album in her 20s, this era was all about maturity and elegance. Think vintage-inspired dresses in shades of violet, ball gowns in lilac, long gloves, and gorgeous long curly blond locks.

Speak Now Outfits

Album: Red

Year: 2012

Taylor Swift Red Album Cover

The Look: This era involved a love of all things vintage; iconic red lipstick with bangs, 1950s style dresses and high-waisted shorts. Pair statement red heels with shorts and striped shirt, or dazzling red dress, capturing the album's passionate theme. This was also the year she wore the iconic ringmaster costume to the MTV awards.

Red Album Outfits

Album: 1989

Year: 2014

Taylor Swift 1989 Album Cover

The Looks: Glittery crop tops matched with shimmery skirts and shorts. Taylor explored stunning flapper style dresses, drawing inspo from 1920's fashion. For those who love to recreate looks from her film clips, Shake it Off provides fun with costumes such as quirky ballerina, goofy cheerleader, funky loud glasses and wig to match Taylors freshly cut bob.

Taylor Swift 1989 Album Outfits

Album: Reputation

Year: 2017

Taylor Swift Reputation Album Cover

The Look: Black outfits with tough and edgy elements, such as a leather jacket or bodysuit, representing the darker, more intense themes of this album. Choker necklaces and snake-themed accessories will reference the snake motif from the album's promotion, as she reclaimed her power.

Taylor Swift Reputation Album Outfits

Album: Lover

Year: 2019

Taylor Swift Lover Album Cover

The Look: Pastel-coloured outfits, flowy dresses and skirts with a vintage touch, showcase the romantic and dreamy vibes of this album. Heart-shaped sunglasses, butterfly hair clips, rainbow-coloured jewellery will complete the look.

Taylor Swift Lover Outfits

Albums: Folklore / Evermore

Year: 2020

Taylor Swift Folklore Album Cover

The Look: Earthy, cottagecore attire like flowy dresses and plaid shirts, embodying the woodsier, ethereal feel of both albums. In her film clip Willow, Taylor wore ruffled vintage-inspired dresses, a yellow flowy dress and deep green cape. You could also add a flower crown and nature-themed jewelry with pinecones and leaf motifs.

Taylor Swift Folklore Evermore Album Outfits

Albums: Midnights

Year: 2022

Taylor Swift Midnights Album Cover

The Look: Channel your retro 1970's flare with high waisted pants, flares, and fringed wigs for sultry sleepless 70's vibes from Lavender Haze. Or opt for body jewels, rhinestone gloves and bejewel your own cape referencing film clip Bejeweled for ritzy burlesque vibes.

Taylor Swift Midnights Album Outfits

Choose your favourite era and dress to impress! All these costumes, and more, can be found in our curated Taylor Swift collection HERE.

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