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Halloween is Dead - Long Live the Halloweekend!

Author: Nikki Yeaman / Posts / Published: 26/08/2021

This year October 31st falls on a Sunday and this presents a unique opportunity to plan a whole weekend of spooky fun. From Friday 29th through to Sunday 31st October, there are so many ways to create a Halloween to remember. Whether we are fully locked down or free as birds, there are plenty of ways to create an awesome Halloween weekend - a HALLOWEEKEND!!!


Here’s a quick list of 7 easy & safe ideas to get you planning your Halloweekend:

1. Decorate your house, front yard or apartment balcony

When: All September & October; start planning & creating now.  

How: Being closer to home these days means there are more opportunities to decorate and enjoy your house and yard for Halloween.

a) Check out CostumeBox’s amazing decor collections arriving from early September.

b) Build a scene, let your imagination run wild.

c) If you live in an apartment, decorate your balcony and street facing windows.

d) Create enjoyment for your neighbours and local exercisers as they pass by.

e) Be a trendsetter. Your neighbours are sure to follow.

f) Get a street competition going to see who creates the best Halloween scene.

g) Decorate your home inside to enhance your family Halloweekend indoor activities.

h) Enter CostumeBox’s amazing Best Halloween House in Australia Competition - details here!

Image source:

Image source: Pexels

2. Trick or Treat House


When: Sunday 31st afternoon.


a) Standing outside at your decorated front gate or verandah to greet trick-or-treaters.

b) Offer individually wrapped treats.

c) Serve with a scoop.

d) Trick or treaters can be masked if mandated.

3. Street HalloBBQ: Start talking to your neighbours about it

When: Friday 29th or Saturday 30th October evenings.


a) Get together with your immediate neighbours to host a street party. Have everyone decorate their yards, street lamp poles and trees. Depending on social distancing rules, have a communal BBQ or set up at the end of your respective driveways or front verges to celebrate together.

Image source: Detroit Free Press

Image source:

4. Hallozoom: Book in your besties

When: Saturday evening 30th October.


a) Host a zoom party for you and your friends, be they near or far.

b) Make sure everyone dresses up with a prize for best costume.

c) Play games like a Halloween trivia (download our Kids or Adults trivia), a murder mystery game or buy tickets to a virtual escape room and work your way out together.

5. Pumpkin carving

When: from Mid-October.


a) Order in pumpkins, or watermelons from your local grocer, carving tools , pumpkin lights and accessories and get crafty.

b) Follow the steps on our Pumpkin Carving blog.

c) Carve with friends over zoom, with your street friends on the front lawn, or within your household.

d) Make them scary, funny or cute - we would love to see your creative efforts #costumebox

Image source: Unsplash

Halloween decorations outdoor graveyard with spiderwebs and flying reaper
Halloween decorations gravestone with spiderwebs and skeleton arms coming out of the ground

6. Backyard Graveyard Sleep-out

When: Friday night 29th October.


a) Decorate your backyard like a creepy graveyard and camp out in the fresh air with your family and close friends where allowed. We dare you!

b) Checkout CostumeBox’s graveyard kits and decor here arriving from September.

7. Halloscreen Movie Fest

When: All weekend.
Where: Your living room.


a) Curate a Halloween movie marathon from the greats - Scream I-IV, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween 1, 2, 3, Beetlejuice, The Evil Dead, The Addams Family, the list is endless.

b) Dress in themed costumes, decorate the room and theme your snacks.

Image source: Unsplash

What are your Halloweekend ideas? Please comment and share below.

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Author: Vanessa Vumbaca / Posts / Published: 26/08/2021

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