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Halloween Costumes, Accessories and Party Supplies

Join the zombie uprising and dress to depress this Halloween in our favourite theme. Zombie brides are always a hit, but if DIY is more your thing, check out our tips to zombify your little devils at home. We’ve got everything you need to complete your zombie look, from faux blood and flesh, maggots, professional special effect liquid latex, teeth and so much more. Prefer to join the witches coven? We’ve got everything you’ll need, from our licensed favourites like Glinda, the wicked witch of the west and the evil death eater Bellatrix Le Strange to unnamed enchanting sorceresses you can make your own. Complete your look with a witch’s hat, wand, broomstick, cauldron and a mole or two. Our range of ghosts and reapers is a traditionally terrifying choice, with the scream ghost face costume a hit every Halloween. We’ve got scythes and sickles to complete your look and even movie quality anti motion masks to really freak your friends and family. Choose between your sweet or sinister side with our huge range of angels and devils. We especially love this theme for groups and couples and have all the accessories you’ll need to complete the look. Whether you’re going as the Archangel Gabriel, a guardian angel or an angel of darkness, we’ve got wigs, wings, harps, heavenly make up and hosiery so you can dress to impress. Our devils and demons are sassy and sinister, if red or black is your colour you can’t go past this fantastic costume theme. With a huge range of devilish contact lenses, movie quality anti-motion masks, make up, hosiery, pitch forks and more. If the Transylvanian undead are more your thing, transform in to Dracula, Count Bloodthirsty, the Vampiress of Versailles, a fashionable victorian vampire or even a member of Twilight’s Volturi this Halloween. Of course you’ll need fangs and blood for your purse so you don’t get too hungry and start feasting on your neighbours. Celebrate the real life festival of the dead in a Day of the Dead costume this Halloween. These colourful masquerade style costumes and accessories match perfectly with the traditional skeleton theme, so get your squad together for a group costume theme everyone will love. Our new Urban Legends theme is hauntingly good and perfect for those of us who like the twisted folk tales and myths we grew up hearing and fearing. From the paranormal Slenderman and criminal Jack the Ripper to the terrifying ladies Lizzie Borden, Black Widow and the Salem Witches, these costumes are sure to terrify your friends and family this Halloween. Join the creepy carnival and dress the whole family in our freak show range, including terrifying clowns, ringmasters, jesters and pranksters or pack your bags for the asylum as a nurse, psychotic patient or zombie doctor. Put a classic twist on those Disney characters we all love with twisted fairytale. Check out our officially licensed range of dark Disney princesses as dress up as zombie Snow White, mangled Rapunzel, manic Mad Hatter and more with this fun theme. Our huge range of TGA approved contact lenses for any Halloween costume will take your look to the next level this October 31st . The only question left is, what are you going as?