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You Won't Believe How Our Ghoulish Halloween Masks Are Made

You Won't Believe How Our Ghoulish Halloween Masks Are Made

by Chantel Charchalis

Marketing & Graphic Design Manager | Creativity Queen | Parties, Animals & Nature Lover

Chantel is a Brisbane-based marketing and graphic designer who thinks through visualisations and plans through ipad sketchs. You will find her planning themed parties for friends or renovating houses, caravans and upcycling furniture.

Ever pondered the intricate craftsmanship behind a premium mask, and whether they truly justify the investment? Prepare to unveil the mesmerising artistry woven into every stitch of these unique disguises. If you once believed these exquisite pieces were mere products of automation, think again.


At Ghoulish Productions, the creation of their premium masks, proudly available at CostumeBox, is an entirely manual process. They infuse their passion into every step, from the genesis of design to the precision of hand-painting each mask, reminiscent of the brushstrokes of a master artist.


Take a look at the video below to witness the dedicated team at the Ghoulish Productions factory as they breathe life into the masks destined for your costume collection.


Ghoulish Halloween Masks Behind the Scenes


A Brief Glimpse into Ghoulish Productions: Ghoulish Productions boasts a rich legacy, with over 70 years of crafting exceptional masks. Their journey from humble beginnings has now extended its reach to more than 25 countries, cementing their reputation as "the preeminent mask makers of the world." Their specialisation lies in crafting fantasy, Halloween, and horror masks so authentic that donning one can transform you from head to toe into a character from your wildest imagination. 


Ghoulish Halloween Alien Mask


Freshly introduced to their lineup is the remarkable "Hyper Masks" collection by Ghoulish Productions. These premium creations are meticulously sculpted from flexible latex, which gracefully moulds itself to the wearer's face and neck. This ingenious design not only delivers an uncanny level of realism but also allows for natural mouth movements, adding another layer of authenticity to your character.


New Halloween Hyper Masks by Ghoulish Productions


Furthermore, Ghoulish Productions has broadened its horizons, offering a range of facial prosthetic applications, shoulder buddy accessories, and an expanded collection of decor items, all in keeping with their signature, delightfully gory theme.


We stock a huge range of Ghoulish masks, props and prosthetics, find them here.


Ghoulish Masks


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