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What To Wear For Comic Con: 7 Amazing Comic Con Costume Ideas To Bookmark

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 27/9/2019

Have you been racking your brain about what to wear to Comic Con this year? Well, there are plenty of characters to dress up as for Comic Con, you just need to make a list of all your favourite movies! However, if you need some inspiration, here are 7 awesome costume ideas for Comic Con to get your creative juices flowing.

Deadpool is one of the fictional characters of the Marvel Comics and was first seen in the New Mutants #98 in February 1991. He is basically invincible, even regrowing a head after being decapitated! His scarred appearance (hidden by his mask) is the result of cancer, which still exists, despite having awesome healing powers that were grafted onto his DNA by the Weapon-X Programme. He’s a mercenary, marksman, swordsman and tactical expert and some people think he’s insane.

For a bad-ass Deadpool outfit, you need to start with a long-sleeved and long-legged bodysuit with a skull cap or complete head covering (leggings and long sleeved t-shirt are fine).

For the head covering you can use a piece of red material and a glue gun, marking the large black eyes with a thick felt-tip pen and making two holes for your eyes. Then you need to use your pen and mark out the shoulder coverings and leg markings, add a combat belt and two swords to your back and you have the coolest Deadpool costume ever!

One of the easiest of the Marvel superhero costumes is Captain America who is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a frail young man who was turned into a superhero by an experimental serum in World War II. For your Captain America costume, you need to start with a sky blue pair of leggings, long-sleeved polo top, skull cap and eye mask. Use a glue gun to attach a white letter ‘A’ to the front of the skull cap, a large white star in the middle of the chest and two wide bands around the biceps.

Next, you need to add two wide white stripes from the chest down to the waist with a red stripe in the middle, and red bands around the legs from knee to ankle to represent knee-high boots. Team your costume with red boots, shoes or trainers, a combat belt and a Captain America shield; the shield can be made from cardboard and painted with a white star on a blue background surrounded by three rings – one of red, one white and the last ring red around the edges. When finished, you will have one of the most amazing comic con costume ideas at the event!

Written by R.R. Martin, as his best selling book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, the Game of Thrones movie franchise is epic storytelling at its best. One of the best-known characters is the Dark Northern King, which is an easy costume to copy because you need everything in black – a long cloak, long-sleeved t-shirt, and pants tucked into black knee-length boots. Next, head to your local fabric store and buy a metre of fur with long straggly bits if possible, glue it onto the collar of the cloak, make yourself a sword or buy one from a toy shop and you now have the perfect Game of Thrones costume!

Another one of the characters to dress up as for Comic Con is Green Arrow who appears in the DC comic books. He’s an archer who uses his wits and knowledge to take out some of the toughest super-powered villains, all without having superpowers himself. He fights crime in his home town Star City, as well as being a reluctant member of Justice League joining so that he could be the voice of the underrepresented working man. For this costume you need dark green clothing, so find a pair of trousers and a hoody jacket with a zip up the front. Wear black lace-up boots, throw a bow over your shoulder and you have the fastest Comic Con costume ever!

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? There are so many characters you can use for your costume, but one of the easiest must be either Leia in her long white dress or the young Luke Skywalker in his desert robes. So for Leia, you need the long white dress with a hood as mentioned, white boots and a wide white and silver belt. For Luke Skywalker you need a long brown cloak (a blanket will do the trick!), knee-length sandy coloured tunic underneath, over white trousers tucked into knee-length brown boots. Oh! Don’t forget your lightsaber!

Another of the Marvel characters, Groot is the last surviving member of a tree-like alien race who came to earth to capture and study humans. He can’t communicate except for saying “I am Groot”, but has super strength and can regenerate fully after a mortal injury. He can also root himself in place and emit glowing spores (no idea why!). His costume might be tricky, but if you can find a brown jumpsuit or old pair of brown trousers and long-sleeved polo, you will get there! Use a thick black felt-tip pen to mark out tree bark everywhere on your costume, and using the bark to look like abs across the middle of the t-shirt. Brown cardboard can be rolled and glued together to form a log shape for the top of your head, and add bark markings with your pen and cut the edges to make it resemble a broken log. The Groot costume is another fabulous outfit for Comic Con!

There’s nothing easier than a Harry Potter costume, because you will likely have everything at home or can easily find all the items at your local thrift store. You need a basic school uniform: white shirt, black trousers or skirt, black shoes, red tie, long black cloak and a magic wand! That’s all!There are so many more characters you can brainstorm for Comic Con, but if you are still at a loss about what to wear to Comic Con and you need even more Comic Con costume ideas, check out Costume Box for more inspiration.

Author Gonzalo / Gifts / Published: 26-September-2019

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