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Top 16 Book Week Costumes of 2023: Read, Grow, Inspire

Top 16 Book Week Costumes of 2023: Read, Grow, Inspire

by Chantel Charchalis

Marketing & Graphic Design Manager | Creativity Queen | Parties, Animals & Nature Lover

Chantel is a Brisbane-based marketing and graphic designer who thinks through visualisations and plans through ipad sketchs. You will find her planning themed parties for friends or renovating houses, caravans and upcycling furniture.

Book Week is that magical time of the year when we celebrate the joy of reading and let our favourite characters come to life. With the creativity and excitement reaching new heights every year, we've rounded up the top 16 standout costumes for Book Week 2023. From beloved classics to modern favourites, these costumes transport us straight into the pages of our most cherished stories.

Let's take a closer look at the enchanting ensembles that brought literature to life!


1. Jack and the Beanstalk Deluxe Kids Costume

A brand new addition to the CostumeBox range of exclusive own brand costumes, this costume captures the essence of the daring young adventurer, Jack, and his legendary beanstalk. Comes complete with a length of faux vine that you can style to make a beanstalk by wrapping around a cardboard cylinder or simply draping around your shoulders. This costume also has a cute little pouch that can attach to the waist tie for Jacks magic beans (magic beans not included!) So fitting for this year’s Book Week theme of “Read, Grow, Inspire.”

Cheshire Cat Costume

2. Cheshire Cat Deluxe Kids Jumpsuit

With a mischievous grin and vibrant colours, the Cheshire Cat costume lets kids embrace their inner whimsy as they hide and reappear, just like the famous feline.

Maddest Hatter Costume

3. Maddest Hatter Deluxe Kids Costume

The Mad Hatter's tea party comes to life with this costume, showcasing the eccentricity and charm that makes Wonderland so enchanting. Its a quality 5 piece costume including comfy elastic waist pants, a lovely soft velvet jacket and the classic hat. Great for girls and boys, and a favourite for teachers too.


Wild Boy Kids Costume

4. Wild Boy Deluxe Kids Costume

This costume pays homage to the wild adventure stories, giving kids a chance to embody the untamed spirit of their favourite character. It is soft and comfortable and has retro appeal, making it popular for all ages.


Pretty Fish Deluxe Girls Costume
5. Pretty Fish Deluxe Girls Costume

Another brand new addition to the CostumeBox range, this costume adds a splash of brilliance to Book Week. Girls can look like the prettiest fish at the parade, but also reflect on friendship and the happiness that comes with sharing. The all important silver scale makes a very sweet headband, and the swishy full skirt adds to the look. 


Harry Potter Deluxe Robe with Accessories
6. Harry Potter Deluxe Harry Robe with Accessories Kids Costume

A timeless classic, the Harry Potter costume continues to be a hit, transporting kids to the magical world of Hogwarts.


Girl From Oz Deluxe Girls Costume
7. Girl from Oz Girls Costume

Following the yellow brick road, this costume allows girls to step into the sparkly ruby red shoes (also available) of a brave adventurer in a land far, far away. With an inbuilt petticoat trimmed with broderie anglaise lace, the costume is a joy to wear.


Willy Wonka Kids Costume

8. Willy Wonka Boys Costume

With a touch of eccentricity and a sprinkle of imagination, this costume captures the essence of the famous candy maker and his whimsical factory.


Storybook Red Riding Girls Costume

9. Storybook Red Riding Hood Girls Costume

From the pages of fairy tales to the Book Week stage, this classic costume brings Red Riding Hood's journey to life. A highlight of this bright and gorgeous ensemble is the generous red velvet cape and hood which is just the thing for the trip to grandma’s house.


Jurassic World Velociraptor Blue Lenticular

10. Jurassic World Velociraptor Blue Lenticular Deluxe Boys Costume

Roaring into action, this costume lets boys unleash their inner dino enthusiast, taking a journey back to prehistoric times.


Alice Deluxe Girls Costume

11. Alice Deluxe Girls Costume

A journey through the looking glass was never so charming as with this costume, letting girls experience the wonder of Wonderland. Complete with a white apron and the classic black “Alice band.”


Classic Where's Wally Boys Costume

12. Classic Where's Wally Boys Costume

Amidst a sea of characters, the Where's Wally costume stands out, challenging kids to spot the elusive Wally. Wenda is also very popular with girls. Teachers also love this distinctive and fun costume. 


Wild Boy Deluxe Adult Costume

13. Wild Boy Deluxe Adult Costume

Who says Book Week is just for kids? The Wild Boy adult costume allows grown-ups to reconnect with their inner child and explore untamed stories with the character from a book that has been popular since the 1960’s.


Storybook Red Riding Hood Deluxe Women's Costume

14. Storybook Red Riding Hood Deluxe Women's Costume

The classic tale got a grown-up twist with this costume, letting women step into the shoes of the brave girl on her way to grandmother's house. Flattering but with good length and coverage.The perfect teacher costume.


Underwear Hero Adult Costume

15. Underwear Hero Adult Costume

Embracing silliness and laughter, this costume celebrates the headmaster heroes who are always ready to save the day, even if they're just wearing their underwear!


Pretty Fish Deluxe Women's Costume

16. Pretty Fish Deluxe Women's Costume

With a dash of elegance and a hint of fantasy, this costume brings the enchantment of underwater realms to the Book Week stage, for teachers too.


Book Week 2023 and the theme “Read, Grow, Inspire” will be a whirlwind of creativity, imagination, and celebration of literature's finest characters. These top 16 costumes stole our hearts and reminded us of the power of storytelling to inspire and captivate across generations. 


You still have time to grab your favourite character costume, shop here.

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