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Easter Without the Eye-Rolling: Activities for Older Kids

CBX CONTENT / Posts / Published: 8/02/2016

Get your teen to enjoy Easter without them even knowing it!

Teens aren’t known for their enthusiasm for family events, but that’s no reason to give up on celebrating a traditional Easter lunch. As adults know, you're never too old for chocolate and with the right activities, your teens can have as much fun as their younger siblings, even if the Easter Bunny is no longer welcome. Here is our pick of the best Easter activities for older kids and teens.


Reverse the Roles

If you want your kids to get in on the Easter experience, lead by example. Ask them to name a (reasonable) prize and write it down on a piece of paper inside a fillable egg. Then, they get to hide the eggs and you get to hunt for them! The stakes are high -- if you don't find a particular egg, your child wins the prize they wrote down inside.




Image source: Fillable Easter Eggs

treasure hunt.jpg

Scavenger Hunt: Hard Mode

Transform the Easter Egg hunt from a cakewalk to a challenge with hidden clues that require a bit more brainpower than looking for a brightly-coloured foil egg. The Scavenger Hunt works best if there's a genuinely tempting reward up for grabs, so substitute the chocolate eggs for one big prize like an Easter basket, movie tickets or that new Xbox game they've been after. Come up with some cryptic clues that lead them indoors and outdoors and make sure they're well-hidden. Place the clues inside fillable eggs or slip them somewhere out of sight - just don't forget where you left them!

Easter Egg Toss

This is an entertaining game of kids of all ages. Prepare some hard-boiled eggs (or use raw ones to up the ante), then pair up your players and distribute the eggs. Each pair stands face to face and tosses the egg back and forth, taking a step backwards after each successful throw. Any pair that drops their egg is eliminated, and the last team remaining without any egg on their faces wins a prize! You can substitute the hard boiled eggs for chocolate ones, or even use waterbombs to raise the stakes, but regardless, we definitely recommend playing this one outside.




boy in green shirt with broken egg and yolk in his hands from catching egg

Image source: Youth Working It


Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

It's all too easy in the daytime, so wait until night falls for a fun twist on the annual Egg Hunt. Paint some hard-boiled or plastic eggs, or fill hollows ones with glow sticks as a mess-free alternative. Exchange the glowing eggs for chocolate ones at the end of the hunt or award the person who found the most eggs with a prize.


The Easter Egg Hunt can lose some of its sheen once the kids are old enough to buy their own chocolate year-round. Make it more tempting with some coupons that offer treats that money can't buy, like:

  • No chores for a day
  • Stay out an extra hour or two later at night
  • Their choice of takeaway for the family
  • A driving lesson
  • Mum's (or Dad's) taxi voucher
  • Extra internet or gaming time
  • Sleep in for 1 extra hour on the weekend





Easter Egg Taboo

This game will make them sit up and pay attention to the conversation! Before the family sits down to lunch, distribute mini eggs evenly among the family members. Then choose a word or action to be 'Taboo' for the duration of the meal. This could be saying the word 'eggs' or 'Easter' or an action like touching their hair or checking their phone. Once the family sits down, everyone must pay attention and if they catch anyone saying the taboo word or doing the taboo action, the person who notices first gets to claim an egg from the infringing person's basket.
Have a Happy Easter from the Team at CostumeBox

CBX CONTENT / Posts / Published: 30-January-2019

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