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Bored This Summer Holidays? Here are 6 Fool-Proof Arts And Crafts Ideas For Kids

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 20/01/2020


Looking for art and craft ideas for kids? With the end of the summer holidays finally, in sight, most parents have run out of ideas to entertain their kids. So if you are looking for some simple DIY for kids, it’s time to head to the store for some art supplies and craft supplies, and then keep on reading!



1. Art and craft ideas for kids - Create a galaxy in a jar:

These galaxy jars are a fabulous way to keep your kids occupied, and if they love Star Wars or are science geeks, then they can make their very own galaxy! The craft supplies you need are at least one mason jar with lid per child, three bags of cotton wool balls (more is always going to be better), lots of glitter, water and washable acrylic paint (so you don’t end up with kids covered in paint for a week). Fill the jar a third full of water and add three or four drops of the paint. Shake the jar to mix this mixture – not forgetting to screw on the lid first – and add some glitter to the mix. Stretch the cotton wool balls and add them to the jar until the water is filled with these balls (press them down well). Do the same twice more with a different colour paint each time and you have a lovely galaxy in a jar!


2. DIY activities for kids - Glow in the dark starry skies jar:

This is similar to the galaxy in a jar, but it glows in the dark! So you need the same type of jars as above, but now you need glow in the dark fabric paint or some glow sticks and a paintbrush. Make sure the jar is clean and dry and cover the inside of the jar with small dots of paint, using as many colours as your kids want in their starry skies. Allow the paint to dry (it can take 2 hours or more) and then when it’s dark, turn off the lights or go outside and they will have their very own beautiful starry sky in a jar! DIY for kids doesn’t come any easier than this!


3. DIY for kids - Whipped cream water bombs:

To go this far to entertain your kids, they must truly be sending you up the wall, but if so, we have the perfect solution! These whipped cream water bombs will definitely hold their attention on a hot summer day and all the art supplies you need are water balloons and whipped cream. They are so simple to make, but will definitely have a big impact! All you need to do is place the opening of the water balloon over the spout of the whipped cream can. Hold the ends of the water balloon tight while spraying the whipped cream into the balloon. When the balloon is full, tie it off and make another one! This is another one of our fabulous art and craft ideas for kids this summer that will keep them crazy amused for hours!





Image of colourful galaxy jar filled with silver sparkles.
Image of glass jars in the dark with glowing colourful liquid inside.

4. DIY for kids - Snow globes:

  1. Our next DIY activities for kids also use mason jars, but this time it’s to make their very own snow globes. The simplest way to go about creating these snow globes is to use a Lego figure, so the craft supplies you need are one Lego figurine and Lego block, course glitter, water and super glue. First of all, you need to lock the Lego figure onto the Lego block and then glue this block to the inside of the jar’s lid. Before you do this, make sure that the figure and block fit inside the jar when the lid is screwed tight. Leave this to dry. Next, sprinkle a teaspoon of glitter into the jar, fill the jar with water and screw on the lid. Some of the water will spill over due to the figure taking up some of the space inside the jar, but don’t worry, just tighten the lid. Once completed, your kids just need to shake the jar and they have their very own Lego snow globe.
Image of red Lego man inside of a snow globe.

5. Arts and crafts for kids - Pom Pom necklaces:

All kids love messing around with fun things, so making their own pom pom necklace is a no-brainer. First, you need to collect all the art supplies in one place, the kitchen table will be fine: half a dozen balls of wool yarn in different colours, scissors, large eye needle and a cord for the necklace. Wrap the yarn around and around your kid’s fingers, using two fingers for small pom poms and four fingers for larger pom poms. The more yarn you use, the thicker the pom poms. When you are done, gently remove the wound yarn from their fingers and tie a length of extra yarn around the middle of the bundle, keeping it tight. Then cut all the loops and trim the pom pom so it’s a nice round shape. Use the needle to thread the pom poms onto the necklace cord (five or six are usually enough), and your kids have a beautiful pom pom necklace. Arts and crafts for kids don’t get any easier or more exciting than this!

6. DIY craft ideas for kids - Colourful rainbow jars:

These rainbow jars are wonderful DIY activities for kids because they don’t take long to make and look fabulous when finished (the kids also love making these!). The craft supplies you need is some butcher paper, coloured chalk and lots and lots of salt, as well as some small jars, smaller than mason jars (about the size of baby food jars). Layout the butcher paper on a flat surface and pour enough salt onto the paper to make a layer in the jar of between 0.5cm to 1.0cm. Rub a piece of the coloured chalk over the salt until you get the right colour and then pour it into the jar. Keep doing this with different colour chalks, tipping the salt into the jar at different angles, until the jar is full. Then screw the lid on tight. Your kids now have a very pretty rainbow coloured jar!


These arts and crafts for kids are a great way to keep them occupied in the summer, if you are looking for more arts and crafts ideas or supplies why not check out our huge range at Costume Box?

Image of clear glass jar filled with layers of rainbow sand.

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