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Addams Family Costume Ideas For The Whole Family

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 2/12/2019

The crypt at CostumeBox is overflowing with spooky Addams family costume ideas! It’s been nearly 60 years since this show exploded onto our TV screens; there are millennials today who weren’t even born when this show first aired on TV!


This show was such a hair-raising success that it's remained one of the best creepy shows ever and Addams family costumes have continued to be popular for over half a century. So if you are hosting a party over Christmas and the New Year or going to a party as a family, why not dress everyone in the family in one of the fabulously scary Addams family characters costumes? It will be a blast!

Just imagine your whole family dressed as the Addams family! If you are handy with crafts, you might want to make your own DIY costumes, so we have some great ideas below for you, including how to make your own Wednesday Addams costume or a Morticia Addams costume. However, if you don’t have the time or the enthusiasm to make your own costumes, CostumeBox has lots of great Gothic options for you! We have a creepy Morticia Addams costume, a frightening Wednesday Addams costume, a spine-tingling Uncle Fester costume, a mysterious Gomez costume and an eerie Lurch costume. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky show on the road!
How to make your own Wednesday Addams costume:
Wednesday was the child of Woe who played with a headless doll named Marie Antoinette (YIKES!). She always had a stern look on her face, wore her dark hair in long pigtails and dressed in black. Her usual mode of dress was a black long-sleeved jumper with a white undershirt and black knee-length skirt. She also wore a black long-sleeved dress, so you could go either way, whichever is easier for you.

For your DIY Wednesday Addams costume, all you need are the above items, matched with black tights and shoes. There’s no sewing or gluing involved! If you don’t have any of these items at home, you can check out your local charity store, because they should be easy to find and very affordable. Don’t forget the headless doll, because it’s part of Wednesday’s charm! Now you know how to make your own Wednesday Addams costume, keep reading for more kooky Addams family costume ideas!

Image of two girls dressed as Wednesday Addams.

How to make your own Gomez costume:

The patriarch of the Addams family, Gomez, spends most of his time smoking a cigar, reading the paper and wooing his beautiful wife, Morticia. Due to his Castilian heritage, Gomez is at heart a romantic and always dresses smartly in a suit and tie, frequently favouring his striped suit. To make Gomez come to life, you need dark slicked-back hair, heavy dark eyebrows and a well-groomed moustache. You also need to source a plain dark suit or a striped suit, crisp white shirt and either a bow tie or a normal tie. Don’t forget the oversized cigar and you will have one of the scariest and creepiest Addams family character’s costumes at the party.


The Gomez costume at CostumeBox comes with a striped suit (jacket and pants) and a bow tie. We also have a Gomez wig and moustache set, you just need to supply the cigar!


Image of man wearing purple and black Addams Family Gomez costume as well as Gomez and Morticia dancing in the corner.

How to make your own Morticia Addams costume:

The luscious and kooky matriarch of the family, Morticia Addams is seductive, spooky and just irresistible to Gomez! Descended from a long line of witches, Morticia has a rather skewed view of the world. She likes to cut the stems of red roses, encourages macabre behaviour in her children, and loves all things ghoulish, morbid and gothic. To bring your inner Morticia to life, you need the perfect kooky Morticia Addams costume!


So look for a long black evening dress with long draping sleeves and a fishtail hemline. Don’t forget the pale face makeup, dark eyes, ruby red lips and long nails. To complete your transformation, you need a long black wig with flowing locks and when you walk, you need to do the Morticia walk – teeny tiny steps that leaves Gomez breathless with desire!


Why not dress your daughter in a Wednesday Addams costume and go as mother and daughter! However, if you don’t have a Morticia costume handy at home, you might find something that you can use in your local charity shop. Otherwise, check out the CostumeBox Morticia Addams costume, because we have the spookiest Addams family costumes ever!


Image of three women wearing Addams Family Morticia costumes.

How to make your own Uncle Fester costume:

The long lost brother of Gomez, Uncle Fester, is a lovable character who has the strange ability to create electricity! He does this frequently by putting a light bulb in his mouth, illuminating the bulb to a background of crackling electricity. He suffers from migraines which are relieved by putting his head inside a screw press, feeds blood to his plants and walks around with an innocent but deranged smile on his face.


If you have a bald, barrel-shaped relative in your family, this has got to be one of the best Addams family costume ideas! So all you need is a short, bald, portly man dressed in a long dark coat and with dark sunken eyes, and you have your very own Uncle Fester! CostumeBox has a creepy Uncle Fester costume with a long dark robe, detached hood, rope style belt and a half mask. All that’s needed is to creep around and stare at people for a perfect rendition of Uncle Fester!


Black and white image of Addams Family Uncle Fester and Lurch.

How to make your own Lurch costume:

OK, Lurch might be going one step too far, but if you have a 7 foot tall skinny male relative, you will be all set! If you remember, Lurch is the Addams family manservant, very loyal to the family, although often frustrated at their antics, and has a slight comic angle to his personality. Instead of talking, he communicates with very descriptive deep moans and is summoned using a bell pull made from a hangman’s noose. To carry off one of the craziest and daring Addams family costumes, you need one 7 foot tall relative, Frankenstein hair, white face makeup, dark and shady eyes, and a very long butlers suit!


For more inspirationally creepy Adams family costume ideas, check out the crypts at CostumeBox today!

Author Gonzalo / Gifts / Published: 9 December 2019

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