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7 Iconic Duo Costumes [Couples Costume Edit]

Author Jasmin / Posts / Published: 28/06/2019

Are you looking for awe-inspiring couple’s costumes for your next fabulous party? Maybe you have a partner, flatmate or nutty friend who loves partying and getting dressed up? Well, if the pair of you have decided to hit the tracks and WOW all your friends with the best costumes of the night, here are seven of the most spectacular and iconic duo costumes on the planet!

1. Finn and Jake from Adventure Time

If you have an unbreakable bond with your mate, then this is one of our crazy couple’s costume ideas you have to try – imagine going as bosom buddies Finn and Jake - it’s a no-brainer! Together, you can fight wizards, save princesses and generally have super fun, all night long. It’s easy to create these costumes, because all you need is an Adventure Time Finn hat and a Jake hat (make sure they are licenced), and a blue t-shirt and shorts, and backpack for Finn with a yellow t-shirt for Jake. The fun part is deciding who gets to be Jake!

Finn and Jake - Adventure Time

2. Jake and Elwood from The Blues Brothers

Everyone remembers this epic movie and going to your party as The Blues Brothers is a great way to achieve a cult following! Jake and Elwood are true pioneers of good guys turning bad and ending up good again! All you need is an epic black suit, sunglasses and fedora, and you are good to hit the road.




The Blues Brothers

3. Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad

If you want to test everyone’s memory of popular hit shows in the last decade, then these couple’s costumes tick all the right boxes. Breaking Bad was a fun take on a tragic situation that hit a nerve and still has a serious following of dedicated fans. It follows the story of the two main characters, Walter and Jesse, who turn to crime to earn as much money as possible for Walter’s family, before he dies of terminal cancer. All you need are two yellow hazmat suits, gas masks and black boots (wellies are good!), and you can raise hell with the boys!




Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad

4. Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Back to the Future is one of those epic movies that has its own cult following. Marty McFly and Doc Brown are the pioneers of time travel, so if you want to travel Back to the Future at your next awesome party night, you will need a few items to re-create these iconic duo costumes! All you need is a Marty McFly jacket, hat, jeans and Nike Air Mags for Marty and a gold trench coat and pants, 1970s bright red shirt, Doc Martin Boots and a blindfold for Doc Brown.




Marty McFly and Doc Brow from Back to the Future

5. Goose and Maverick from Top Gun

Our last epic funny couple’s costumes are Goose and Maverick from Top Gun. This is one of the most remembered movies from the 80’s and who wouldn’t want to fly a fighter jet? You might have to toss a coin to see who gets to be Maverick, but if you have a need for speed, then these are the costumes for you and your pal! Just grab yourself two Top Gun flight suits, helmets and aviator sunglasses and you are ready for lift off!




Goose and Maverick from Top Gun

6. Super Mario and Luigi

These must be the very best funny couple’s costumes ever! Just imagine the looks on your friend’s faces when you turn up at the Nintendo superhero plumbing brothers – Mario and Luigi! Don’t forget to take along an inflatable mallet for each of you and your cartoon gloves for an evening of epic fun.

Mario and Luigi: The Mario Brothers

You can find all the best couple’s costumes at CostumeBox, Australia’s #1 for Costumes, Party, and Fun!

Author Jasmin / Posts / Published: 28-June-2019

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