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7 Best Creative Halloween Costumes for Your Pets [2019]

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 26/08/2019

Whilst Halloween has never been big in Australia, its popularity has been increasing over the years. So if your kids are ready to go trick or treating this year, why not make it even more fun and come up with a few creative Halloween costumes for your pet?


Best pet costumes for cats and dogs

There are loads of funny pet costumes for dogs, as well as plenty of hilarious cat costumes, and you could even take it up a notch and organise a competition for the best pet costumes amongst your friends and neighbours. Halloween is all about having scary fun and some of the small pet Halloween costumes we have seen are truly scary!

So let’s take a look at some of the pet costumes you could put together for your lovable pooches and furry cat friends - all you need are some basic DIY skills with a sewing machine or a glue gun, craft supplies and a dash of creativity and you are good to go!

1. Hot dog costume

This has to be one of the funniest pet costumes for dogs ever! Turning your pooch into a hot dog creates lots of great photo opportunities and a lot of laughs as well. You will need to channel your best DIY skills to create one of these dog costumes, but if you are willing – it can be done. You will need to create two oblong pillows for the sides of the hot dog bun and either spray them with a ‘bun colour’ or buy a sandy ‘bun colour’ material.


Join these two half buns with an oblong piece of orange material that represents the hot dog sausage, then attach a Velcro strap around the chest and tummy area. This will give you a basic hot dog costume, but if you want to get even more creative, you can dress these hot dog costumes up even more with red material for tomato sauce and yellow material for mustard.

Hotdog dog costume
Lion costume for Cat

2. Lions mane hat for the cat

This is one of the best pet costumes for cats because most of them already believe they are lions anyway! It’s actually not that difficult to make, because the hardest part is finding the right material. If you can track down material with a thick loose pile that looks like a lion’s mane then you are all set, but if not, consider fleecy material that has a tiger stripe pattern.


With this material to hand, you need to make a bonnet for your cat and there are plenty of easy templates for making these online. To finish it off, you can either make two little holes for your cat’s ears to poke through or make two small bunny ears and sew them on to the outside of the hat. Voila! You now have one of the scariest, but funniest cat costumes for Halloween!

3. Cute as a cupcake!

Is your little dog as cute as a cupcake? Well, how about turning them into a delicious cupcake for Halloween? Funny pet costumes for dogs don’t come any better than this! A cupcake costume is really easy to put together because it’s just a hat with a strap around their chin. All you need is one of those plastic pudding dishes that are sold in supermarkets – you know the chocolate puddings or sticky date puddings?

Next, you need to decide on the colour of your cupcake, which can be anything you like! Spray the outside of the basin with this colour, find some small plastic fruit embellishments from your local craft store, glue these on the base of the basin (which will be the top when it’s on your pet’s head), punch two holes in the sides near the top and thread through the two straps, knotting them to keep them in place. Turn the hat over, pop it on your dog’s head, tie the straps under their chin and you have one of the best pet costumes for Halloween. You could also use a small yogurt container and do the same design for your feline friend.

Cupcake Dog Costume
Dog wearing pumpkin costume

4. Super pumpkin dog!

If you are handy with the sewing machine, how about creating super pumpkin dog costumes for your favourite pooches? This is definitely one of the best creative Halloween costumes for pets this year! You will need bright orange material to recreate the look of a pumpkin and if you already have a doggie coat for winter, it’s easy enough to use this as a template. Use a black permanent marker to outline a pumpkin face on the back of your doggy’s Halloween costume and you are done!

5. Sunflower feline friends

Who said your feline friend isn’t the sunshine of your life? Now you can give them a beautiful sunny costume to celebrate Halloween! All you need is a few large pieces of bright yellow material – felt is best because it holds its shape. Cut out a dozen or more petal shapes and either sew them or glue them to a band of felt about one centimetre wide and long enough to stretch around your cat’s face. Velcro the ends and then pop it over your cat’s face so it sits just in front of their ears, using the Velcro to keep it in place. Cat costumes don’t come any easier than this!

cat shark costyme

6. Feline shark attack!

Do you want to turn your cat into a shark for Halloween? These cat costumes are not as difficult as you might think. The easiest way is to use one of your cat coats as a template, but extend the tail area out to look like a shark’s tail and continue the front end into a pointy sharks nose. Blue material looks best for the top of the shark with white material for the underneath. You also need some white material to create the shark’s teeth, which you can super glue to the front edges of the costume around the neck area (felt is best). The look you want is that the shark's mouth opens around your cat’s neck, so it looks like the shark has swallowed your cat – yuk, but very funny! This is one of the best small pet Halloween costumes you can make!

7. Dinosaur pets!

Who wouldn’t want their pet to bounce around like a dinosaur for a day? Purrfect for both dog costumes and cat costumes, all you need for a dinosaur costume are two large pieces of thick felt cut into the shape of a shark’s fin, joined together with a piece of cardboard the same shape inside. Then sew a strap on either side of the shark fin (at the bottom), and tie or Velcro it around your furry friend’s back and tummy. Then wait for the fun to start!

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