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5 Reasons Why Dressing Up At Home Is Essential

Author: Vanessa Vumbaca / Posts / Published: 26/8/2021

5 Reasons Why Dressing Up At Home Is Essential

Author: Vanessa Vumbaca / Posts / Published: 26/8/2021

In today’s world, families may be finding themselves home more often with little variance from day to day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle to your day. Particularly for families with kids, it’s important now more than ever to make sure the kids are having fun at home and the number one way to do that is by dressing up. Here’s our list of 5 essential reasons why:

1. Good for developing skills

Dressing up allows your child to develop essential literacy, motor and sensory skills through imaginative play. Children love to come up with stories and dialogue about their character and the world they live in. This also aids to expand their creativity and imagination along the way.

Image source: Diary of Despina // Instagram @diaryofdespina

2. Bonding with family

An important part of children’s development is family bonding and social time. Playing dress up invites you into your child’s world where you can bond as a family socially, build trust and is even a clever way to learn your children’s dislikes and interests.

Image source: Diary of Despina // Instagram @diaryofdespina

3. Keeps things interesting

While it can be mundane being stuck at home, dressing up is a fantastic way to break out of routine. And that’s for everyone, not just the kids. It's a great idea to set aside time per week to include this as an activity so there’s something for the kids to look forward to. Setting a scheduled time keeps the kids focused when they need to be (especially if they are virtually learning).

Image source: Diary of Despina // Instagram @diaryofdespina

4. Recycling

Not only do the kids dress up, but they have the opportunity to create props and sets to aid in their creative storytelling. This is a great way to give a second life to cardboard boxes, milk cartons or plastic bottles, old linens/clothing, toilet roll tubes and more. It also gives the kids an extra craft activity to keep them occupied (and give you a moment of peace).

Image source: Diary of Despina // Instagram @diaryofdespina

5. Posts to inspire others

Dressing up and taking photos and videos is a great way to record the memories created with your family. When looking back on time in lockdown, the memories your kids will have will be positive and full of fun and laughter.
Don’t forget to share your fun with others on social media. It may be that other families need inspiration on fun activities they can do too and that’s what Super-mum Despina aspires to do for her family and community:

“In the current climate, it’s so important to create fun at home even if it’s just for your own family. I’m all about that. If my pictures can inspire someone to have an impromptu dress up, it will all be worth it.”
- Despina, Diary of Despina

Image source: Diary of Despina // Instagram @diaryofdespina

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your world of inspiration, get dressed up with the kids, have fun and create long-lasting memories with your family.

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Author: Lauren Cappie-Wood / Posts / Published: 19/8/2021

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