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Who needs Helium?

Author Vanessa Vumbaca / Posts / Published: 6/6/2019

There is more than one way to have fantastic balloon decorations at your next party without the need for helium. While it is extremely funny to inhale helium and bust out your best Alvin and the Chipmunks song, you can be limited to what you can achieve solely with levitating balloons. Why not get creative and try these beautiful balloon arrangements for your next party?

Depending on your event, you'll need to pick balloon colours to match your theme - make sure they vary in shapes, shimmers and sizes (or inflate them to varying sizes) to keep it interesting! You'll also need some scissors, double sided tape, a balloon pump and these decorating strips, tape or fishing line/string depending on how you'll hang your balloon creations! Here's a little list of ideas to nudge you in the right direction but the possibilities are endless! Then, why not head on over to our latex balloons section at CostumeBox, grab some balloons and get crafty!


Halloween: orange, purple, black, white (even add in a bat foil balloon or spider web printed balloons!) Try out one some of these great balloon decorating ideas like a Halloween themed balloon garland using our Balloon Backdrop Kit - just add some spiderwebs to make it even spookier! Even try some Halloween characters made from poles (or even brooms) with balloons wrapped around them - simply draw on some faces and get creative!
halloween balloon garland with foil bat shaped balloon

Image source: Pinterest

halloween balloon garland in sinuous line

Image source: Pinterest

orange and black halloween balloon poles with ghosts

Image source: Pinterest

balloon decoration in the shape of a witch wearing a hat and broom

Image source: Pinterest

light and dark green and black balloons in the shape of frankenstein

Image source: Pinterest


Christmas: red, green, white, gold. Why not also try grabbing some clear latex balloons and filling them with some Christmas themed confetti? Check out these great ideas below on creating a fun, festive atmosphere for you and your guests this Christmas! Give it a go and try your hand at creating a balloon Christmas tree using a pole or stick (even a broom!) or by grabbing one of our nifty Balloon Column Kits as the skeleton and top it off with a star foil balloon. If you wanted to make something with a little more festive detail, grab some of our Twirly Whirlys or Christmas banners to attach on to your garlands!
christmas balloon wreath with bows, bell, holly and candy cane

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

one inflated satin metallic gold star shaped foil balloon
one inflated clear latex balloon
metallic christmas confetti with red dots, green holly leaves and red flowers

Image source: Pinterest


Easter: pink, blue, yellow, white, gold, and confetti-filled balloons. Think Easter egg patterns and opt for a mostly pastel colour scheme with splashes of bolder colours here and there for maximum effect! We have great Mini Latex Balloons to add in amongst the larger balloons for contrasting sizes in an Easter colour scheme! Try creating an arch with our fantastic Balloon Arch Kit or garland to surround your Easter egg painting station!


New Years: gold, black, white, silver, clear and/or confetti-filled. Why not create your own balloon arch to welcome in your guests and get them excited for your New Years Eve party right from the moment they approach your front door! Another great idea is to have a “popping” champagne bottle balloon display leading down towards your drinks station or behind the bar! Fill some solid or clear balloons with some “Happy New Years” confetti and a personalised good luck message and have all your guests pop their own at the end of the New Year countdown!

Image source: Pinterest

one inflated metallic silver latex balloon
one inflated jumbo latex balloon filled with iridescent confetti
scattered black and gold happy new year confetti
packet of happy new year, bottle, glasses and star shaped metallic confetti

Author Vanessa Vumbaca / Gifts / Published: 27-June-2019

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