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Top 5 Theme Party Ideas

Author CostumeBox / Posts / Published: 21/04/2011

Here’s a quick hit list of our favourite party themes with links to detailed help on putting together a great night. Check out the links to our blog posts, leave a comment if you see something you like, or have a suggestion for a favourite theme that isn’t on here!

1. Roaring 20's:

This is a great decade to celebrate, especially if you are looking for an excuse for you and your guests to dress up a little. Great jazz music, a dance floor, and gangsters and flapperssneaking a drink in a Speak-easy, how can you go wrong? Makes for a great New Year’s Eve party as well.




Image of black and white 1920s party invitation.
Image of long table set up like a Mad Hatter Tea Party.

2. Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A great idea for a garden party, daytime event, or birthday celebration. Set a long table and treat your guests to a high tea Alice in Wonderland style. The costumes are a blast and you’ll have fun setting an eclectic table and planning picnic games.




3. Grease

Have a 1950’s party, or theme it after the famous musical, Grease. Plan a rumble in the parking lot with the Thunderbirds and Pink Lady’s, deck out your house like a 50’s diner, and break out the 50’s dance hits. The fashion and music from this time was a blast, and your guests will love it.


Image of various different women wearing 50s style clothing and accessories.

4. 80s Night

80’s Night – Your good friends Cyndi, Michael, and Madonna are waiting for an invite! Dig out your flouro clothes, cassette tapes, and spike that hair, it’s time to Wang Chung! Challenge your guests to a game of Pac Man or a Moonwalk competition!


Three different images of Madonna during the 80s.

5. Renaissance Theme Party:

Renaissance Theme Party – Hear ye, hear ye, it’s time to get Medieval! Eat, drink and be merry by hosting a Medieval Faire, a Renaissance style buffet, or party down at ye olde pub. The costumes are great, and there are a ton of ideas to keep everyone busy here.

Author CostumeBox / Party / Published: 5 November 2014

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