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How To Throw A Rawrsome Dinosaur Birthday Party

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 9/30/2019

Is your child’s birthday around the corner, but you’re short on ideas? Why not put together a rawrsome dinosaur birthday party? Kids love dinosaurs, so a birthday party based on dinosaurs will go down a treat! Let’s take a look at some easy ways that you can organise a dinosaur themed party!

6 Dinosaur party ideas

  1. 1. Why not create a rainforest in your garden, where dinosaurs like to hide and spring out on unsuspecting guests? All you need are half a dozen palm trees in pots, maybe some large cycads in pots and even large ferns in hanging baskets. Whatever greenery you can find, gather it together and put it all in one place in your garden – recreating a jungle rainforest theme for your little dinosaurs.
  3. 2. If you are handy with a sewing machine or even a hot glue gun, you could make some long thick dinosaur tails (just like long thin green tapered pillows with a red ruffle along the spine). Attach a foot of Velcro to each side at the wide end of the tails and you can attach them to the backs of the children’s chairs at the birthday table, so when they have finished eating they can attach these tails to themselves with the Velcro – an awesome part idea for dinosaur fans!
  5. 3. Another one of our great dinosaur party ideas is to make dinosaur footprints! Just buy some green cardboard, make a template of a dinosaur footprint and then cut around the template to create as many feet as you need. Laminate the feet for added durability and then place them down the driveway to the house, through the house to the birthday table and even out on the patio leading to the dinosaur jungle! You could even outline the footprints in coloured chalk, for an even easier option.
  7. 4. Fill up on your dinosaur party supplies by baking some dinosaur biscuits with a dinosaur footprint baked into the top of the cookie. You can dip them in chocolate or use a green food colouring to make them more dinosaur-like, but whatever you do – the kids will love them!
  9. 5. Create dinosaur invitations with green cardboard, cutting out the shape of a dinosaur and colouring in the eyes. Your child’s invitation can be written on one side of the dinosaur and the guest’s name and address on the other side.
  11. 6. Bake a volcano cake with a hole in the top, cover the lower sides with chocolate frosting to look like rocks and earth and red fudge icing around the top for the lava. Make some Rice Krispy crumbles and marshmallow boulders to fill the hole in the top of the volcano, drizzling it with a very runny version of your red fudge icing for extra effect.

Now you have a few dinosaur party supplies ready, let’s move on to dinosaur-themed games!

Dinosaur themed party games

No birthday party is complete without plenty of dinosaur inspired games!

  1. 1. Dinosaur egg hunt: The easiest way to create your dinosaur eggs is to buy plastic eggs and paint them different colours so that they stand out in the underbrush; you will most probably want hundreds of these eggs scattered around your garden. Add a few larger toy dinosaur figures among the underbrush, put up a sign pointing to the dinosaur hunt and give each child a painted bucket to collect as many eggs as they can. You can also bury some of the eggs in a sand pit, so the children have to dig to find the eggs. The winner is the one who collects the most eggs and wins a prize!
  2. 2. Feed the T-Rex: Paint the head of a T-Rex on a piece of plywood, facing forward with its mouth wide open showing all its teeth. Cut a hole in the mouth and then buy lots of small sandbags for the kids to throw into the mouth. The child who throws the most sandbags into T-Rex’s mouth wins a prize.
  3. 3. Catch the Triceratops: Grab a piece of plywood and paint the head of a Triceratops, facing forwards on the ply, and because they have two big horns on their head, create these tusks with thick cardboard, paint them to match the colours of the face and head, glue them to the head (where the horns would normally sit on a dinosaur’s head) and then give the kids small hoops to throw over the horns. They will love this game and the one who catches the most horns with their hoops, wins a prize!

These three dinosaur themed party games should keep the kids entertained for hours, but what about dinosaur decorations?

When it comes to decorations, you can let your imagination run wild. Think about inflatable dinosaurs that can be placed around the garden or around the birthday table, green jungle streamers and balloons, dinosaur tablecloths and party plates, even dinosaur cone party hats with tusks on the sides. Find as many small dinosaur figurines as you can and use them to decorate the birthday table – you will often find these in the cheap dollar shops or costume shops!

You can most probably think of lots more dinosaur party decorations, but what about a dinosaur themed costume?

How to make a dinosaur costume

Do you want to make the easiest dinosaur costume ever? Well all you need is a red baseball cap, red t-shirt and leggings, and some green, white and red felt, along with a glue gun.

Take the red baseball cap and cut out two eyes in white felt and two smaller black circles for the pupils. Glue the black pupils inside the white eyes and then glue these on the front of the baseball cap. Cut out some white triangles for teeth and glue these to the underside of the visor. Cut green triangles for the back of the dinosaur and glue these in a line down the back of the baseball cap, following on down the back of the t-shirt. You can even make shoe covers with claws from the felt and tie them to the top of their shoes, and don’t forget to make a tail using the instructions in step 2 of our party ideas above. The result is a rawrsome dinosaur costume that your kid will love!

For more dinosaur birthday party supplies and dinosaur costumes check out the awesome ideas at Costume Box!

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