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Halloween Party Checklist!

Author CostumeBox / Posts / Published: 29/10/2014

One Month Before:

  • Choose a party theme: See our Halloween Page for theme ideas. Hot favorites for this year are Creepy Carnival theme, Asylum and Horror Fairy-tale.


  • Prepare a guest list: Whether it’s an intimate Halloween movie night with a few friends or a full-blown Halloween party with circus entertainment there are different ways to celebrate!


  • Book a venue: If you are choosing to opt for an extravagant party make sure you book a venue at least a month before to secure your spot! Community Halls and clubs are a good option for parties with 30+ guests.


  • Prepare Invitations: Give your invitees a fright with custom made creepy Halloween invitations.


  • Prepare party activities: Write up a rough outline for party activities for the night. This can range from having acrobatic performers to doing simple games like pass the pumpkin.




Image of sheet of paper with a calendar of October on it.

Image source: Pexels

Image of woman in Day of the Dead style Halloween costume.

Image source: Unsplash

Three Weeks Before:

  • Send out invitations via mail or email.


  • Plan a menu for the night. You might even like to ask your friends to bring a dish!


  • Write up a grocery list for the party food.


  • Purchase party supplies and decorations according to your theme: Severed heads, syringe shots and talking zombies, there are plenty of props and party supplies to help set the mood for a frightening Halloween party.


  • Start planning your outfit with accessories: Don’t forget the blood, a staple for any Halloween costume! If you’re stuck on costume ideas visit out Halloween page for ideas and inspiration.


  • Start looking at makeup tips to suit your costume: There are plenty of YouTube videos with step by step instructions on how to create the perfect Halloween look from an Asylum patient to a Circus Ring Master.




One Week Before:

  • Call up guests who have not responded.
  • Purchase any final party supplies and decorations.

Three Days Before:

  • Purchase party food: Finger foods, appetizers, candy and desserts
  • If you are pressed for time or have minimal cooking skills, don’t be afraid to buy ready-made food and put a creative Halloween twist on them.
  • Make sure you have your camera charged with memory space; you’ll be snapping a lot of awesome costumes on the night!


Image of carved pumpkin with fairy lights inside and spilling out.

Image source: Unsplash

One or Two Days Before:

  • Start preparing some food such as the cake.
  • Decorate your home with party props.
  • Set up and get ready for any party activities you have planned for the night.


Image of orange and black Halloween themed macaroons.

Image source: Unsplash

We hope you have a HORRORFUL NIGHT!

Author Gonzalo / Gifts / Published: 5 August 2014

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