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CostumeBox Goes To Sydney Supanova 2019

Author Vanessa Vumbaca / Posts / Published: 26/06/2019

You could certainly feel the electric energy flowing through the dedicated crowd of Pop Culture and Comic Book fanatics right through to the final day of the Sydney Supanova 2019 weekend held at Sydney Olympic Park. Despite the crisp chill in the air with the impending forecast for rain, hundreds upon hundreds of cosplayers braved the 15 degree temperatures finding spots of sun where they could or staying indoors attending the guest speaker talks, visiting the Artist Alley Exhibition hall, supporting fellow cosplayers in the Hall of Heroes, or immersing themselves with the fun activities and browsing merchandise stalls within the Sydney Dome.

Without fail, Supanova has once again proven itself to be one of the most popular conventions in Australia and we sent a member of our content team to attend on Sunday to get the inside scoop - and yes, she dressed up! Miss Scissorhands took over our Instagram (@costumebox) for the day and had a fantastic time snapping pics of people in costume, as well as sitting in on various creative talks and cosplay competitions. Did you see her there in our Miss Scissorhands Womens Costume? You can replicate this look too by also adding the Edward Scissorhands Deluxe Gloves and Makeup Kit to your costume!

Hall of Heroes.

supanova 2019 the alley hall of heroes banner and entrance doors

Right from the get-go, the Hall of Heroes artist exhibition hall was bustling with excited attendees eagerly making purchases from the custom artwork and handmade item stalls, meeting comic artists and getting cosplay advice from the Cosplay Ambassadors! Check out the ambassadors TJ Cosplay as The Evil Queen from Snow White and ANDYCAMcosplay as Viserys Targaryen from Game of Thrones!

Cosplay ambassadors

Cosplay Ambassadors: TJ Cosplay as The Evil Queen (left) and ANDYCAMcosplay as Viserys Targaryen (right).

Down the back of the hall, there was a dedicated Star Wars exhibit supporting the Black Dog Institute and giving everyone the opportunity to snap a photo with iconic Star Wars characters in replica Star Wars costumes for just a small dollar donation to go toward their fantastic cause. There were even great replica statues to pose next to like this great little Yoda:

statue of yoda standing on a brown box

For all the Cosplayers eager to show off their hard work and skill, there were two great competitions to participate in on the Sunday: the Cosplay Dash and the Cosplay Odyssey competition. The amount of talent here was incredible with some costumes taking many months to make in order to be ready for Supanova. The craftsmanship displayed was certainly something to be in awe of from realistic looking armour plates made from EVA foam to carefully hand stitched embroidery and dye work to fully functional light up sword props that were made completely from scratch! Winners of the competitions received Lumin’s workshop vouchers (handy for their next cosplay project) with 1st place of the Odyssey competition also winning a trip to Dragon Con in Atlanta later this year! The winner of the Odyssey competition was a fantastic Tetsucabra cosplay from Monster Hunter made by the incredible Lillabee cosplay from Adelaide!

Under The Dome.

inside the sydney dome at sydney supanova 2019

Supanova isn’t just for dressing up, buying one-of-a-kind merchandise and meeting celebrities! There were fantastic opportunities to compete in exciting competitions and experiences. From fun dancing competitions for all ages at the Fortnite arena, to gaming stations where you could verse other players at various new release, multiplayer and virtual reality games, as well as stepping back in time in the medieval sector and sharpening your sword fighting skills with professional swordmasters!

For those wanting to begin a career in the creative industries, there were plenty of booths and seminars to give people a taste of the courses offered by the different creative colleges including the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), JMC Academy and NIDA. For cosplayers wanting to try their hand at SFX (special effects) makeup, NIDA provided an engaging and informative Game of Thrones makeup seminar where they explained and demonstrated the process of executing a killer White Walker look! (Though, if you’d rather the easier option of wearing a mask, you can shop our great range of Game of Thrones masks here!)

Highlight of the day.

Without a doubt, the best part of attending conventions is simply just being amongst hundreds - if not thousands - of people who are all just as incredibly passionate about pop culture, comics and costumes as you are. There’s a certain inexplicable magic that happens when you all get to come together to one place and celebrate in a safe space full of encouragement and fun! Whether they’re there to express themselves through art, gaming, or cosplay, you will never find a person who doesn’t light up with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes when you spark up a conversation with them about their artworks or compliment their incredible cosplays. And while not everyone chooses to dress up, the energy and excitement remain strong with those attendees finding cosplayers dressed as their favourite characters and sparking a joyous conversation with their mutual love for the characters - sometimes even resulting in forever-friendships! Check out some of the fun cosplays snapped throughout the day with some attendees proudly wearing costumes bought from us at CostumeBox.

Luckily, the rain held off until the very last hour allowing everyone to enjoy the day before heading home to go about their normal lives but taking with them, the unforgettable memories of the weekend. See you next year, Sydnova!

You can find an awesome range of pop culture costumes to wear at your next convention at CostumeBox, Australia’s #1 for Costumes and Fun!

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