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7 Coolest Cosplay Costumes You Expect To See At Supanova 2019

Author Gonzalo / Posts / Published: 4/11/2019

Do you have your eyes set on the next Supernova event in Australia? Then you either need the best Cosplay costumes or the most awesome Anime Cosplay costumes if you want to stand out from the crowd. Supernova Expos are held annually in all major Australian cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast), as a celebration of Science Fiction and Fantasy film and TV, as well as comic books, games, collectables and anime.

Even celebrities roll into these events and this year, you can see John Travolta, Jason Isaacs and Billy Zane at the Brisbane and Adelaide Expos! These are the biggest and best pop culture conventions, and a place where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild! With plenty of fan clubs attending, there are cosplay roles and musical performances, as well as creative masterclasses, gaming tournaments, wrestling competitions, celebrity panels and once in a lifetime opportunities to meet a Sci-Fi celebrity - this is the Expo you cannot miss!


The problem is that you can’t go unless you have an awesome costume! So let’s start by understanding more about Cosplay and then move onto how to make a Cosplay costume for yourself. We will even cover where to buy Cosplay contacts for your eyes, so you can really make your costume authentic. If you aren’t into DIY creative pursuits, however, you can always check out the CostumeBox collection of awesome Cosplay outfits. For example, our awesome Batman collector's edition costume or our Ant-Man collector’s edition costume.


What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is shorthand for ‘costume role-play’, but it’s also called ‘performance art’. It’s where fans or cosplayers dress up as characters from a film, book, video game or comic, including Japanese Anime genres. So if one of the uninitiated asks you ‘What is Cosplay?’, now you have a great answer!

Image of man and woman dressed up in cosplay costumes.

How To Make a Cosplay Costume

No idea how to make a Cosplay costume? Well, there are so many different character costumes that we aren’t surprised you are lost in the wilderness! So to give you some inspiration for your own costume, let’s take a look at seven costumes – a mix of easy DIY costumes that you can put together yourself and professional costumes from CostumeBox. You might find that a DIY costume is just the ticket for this year’s Supernova, or you might decide that you don’t have the time, skill or the enthusiasm to create your own costume. This is why we are giving you examples of both options. So let’s jump straight in and check out the best ideas for Cosplay costumes this year.

1. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland:

The Mad Hatter might not be the first of the Supernova costumes that comes to mind, but unless you have a firm favourite, it’s a really fun costume that’s easy to pull together. As the Mad Hatter, you can have plenty of nutty fun all day long and no-one will think anything of it! So if you have a fun personality that likes playing jokes and can see the humorous side of everything, then the Mad Hatter might just be the right outfit for Supernova!


Everything you need you can most probably find at your local charity shop, from three-quarter trousers, long baggy jacket, silky shirt with lace cuff sleeves, and colourful socks. The whole essence of the Mad Hatter costume is ‘crazy’, so you don’t want anything to match! Add a really colourful and flamboyant tie, ribbons hanging from your pockets, curly orange wig, Mad Hatter’s Hat and white face makeup and you are good to go!


Image of woman wearing colourful Mad Hatter costume.

2. Scooby Doo:

You can’t get any funnier or more ludicrous than wearing a Scooby-Doo costume to the Supernova Expo (apologies to all Scooby fans!). This animated mystery cartoon and comedy show ran from the late 60s to the early 70s but still pops up now and again on TV. If you want to showcase your inner Scooby-Doo, there’s no place better than Supernova and the costume is so easy to make! All you need is someone handy with a sewing machine or you could wear a brown velvet hoodie and trousers, adding ears and nose to the hood. Don’t forget the dog collar and tail, and you have the perfect Scooby outfit!

3. Dumbledore from Harry Potter:

If you want to give vent to your inner wizardry genius, then Dumbledore is a great choice! The main focus in on the long grey hair and beard, and you can easily buy these online at CostumeBox (you can also buy a Dumbledore tassel hat at CostumeBox). After you have the wig, beard and tassel hat sorted, you need to focus on the outfit, which you will most probably find at a charity shop. For an authentic Dumbledore costume you need a long flowing dress or gown and a cloak. Look for velvet if possible and you want the cloak to be as flamboyant as possible, whilst the gown can be fairly plain. Add a leather belt and don’t forget your magic wand, and you will be the wizard of the hour at Supernova this year! This must be one of the easiest Cosplay costumes ever!


Image of man dressed in Harry Potter Dumbledore costume.

4. Galagriel from Lord of the Rings:

Ruling the woods of Lothlorien with her husband King Celeborn, Galadriel is one of the beautiful, powerful and knowledgeable Elves in Middle-Earth. Portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the movie, she held one of the three Elven rings of power and hosted the Fellowship of the Ring after the escape from the mines of Moria. If you want to bewitch everyone with your beauty this year with a Galadriel costume, first you need to find a long blonde wig (check out CostumeBox first), and then you need to source a fabulous white or silver gown. Once again, visiting a charity shop should produce a dress that will make you look like a Queen for a day, something along the lines of a wedding dress will do nicely!

5. Poison Ivy from Batman:

Poison Ivy has been titillated as the love interest of Batman, but in Gotham City, she is a botanist obsessed with preventing ecological extinctions. Unfortunately, she uses mind-controlling plant pheromones to aid her criminal activities that are designed to protect endangered species. If you feel strongly about the environment and saving endangered species, then a Poison ivy costume might just be the heroine for you! Your basic costume is green and that can be a green tutu and t-shirt, full swimming costume or leotard with a green net train. You also need some faux ivy draped over your costume and a bright red wig (we have these at CostumeBox). You can also use CostumeBox’s Xotic Eyes Envy Kit to create the perfect Poison ivy makeup!


Image of woman wearing Poison Ivy costume.

6. Batman Collector's Edition Costume:

As a Batman fan, you must live and breath the classic 1960s Batman costume! The Batman collector’s edition costume at CostumeBox consists of a grey bodysuit, briefs, gloves, boot covers, belt and cape with mask. Forget all the other iterations of Batman, because this is the original and classic version! Not many people can pull this costume off, but when you walk into the Supernova Expo in the Batman collector’s edition costume, you will know that you have made it in style and held true to your ideals! Holy Batman – let’s do it!

7. Anime Cosplay Costumes:

In the same vein as Cosplay costumes, anime Cosplay costumes focus on computer animation characters originating from Japan or using Japanese style animation. Anime genres include horror, romance, mecha and fantasy, and some of the most popular characters include Natsu in Fairy Tail and Luffy in One Piece. If we take a look at Natsu of the Fairy Tail Guild as an example, your costume should start with three-quarter length white trousers and a black singlet. Over this, you want a three-quarter length black coat with an orange belt or a black waistcoat. Don’t forget the black and white checked scarf around your neck and a short messed-up red wig!


For Luffy in One Piece, you want a pair of knee-length blue denim or cotton shorts, topped with a bright red button-down jacket and a wide yellow sash around your waist. Top this off with a straw hat with a red band and a pair of straw sandals and along with Natsu from the Fairy Tail, you have the perfect Anime Cosplay costumes for this year’s Supernova Expo.


Image of woman dressed in Anime cosplay costume.

Where to buy Cosplay Contacts:

The icing on the cake for many of these costumes is the contact lenses that increase the element of realism for your costume. CostumeBox has a large collection of contact lenses, including red, grey, black, light blue, purple, red devil, zombie, Day of the Dead, Bloodshot and lots more! Why not show your dedication to your character by selecting the perfect contact lenses to match your costume? Now you know where to buy Cosplay contacts and you have seven fabulous ideas for the best Cosplay outfits, you can look forward to an awesome time at Supernova!


Need more inspiration? Check out the guys at CostumeBox today!

Author Gonzalo / Gifts / Published: 11/8/2019

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