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Batman Dark Knight Collectors Edition Mens Costume


The famous caped crusader of Gotham, Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in pop culture. Choose from a range of Batman costumes from the 1970’s classic costume to the Dark Knight Batman. There are plenty more great characters such as Robin, The Riddler, Penguin and The Joker.

Batman Grappling Hook Batman Mask



Ariba! Nothing says party like a Mexican Fiesta! All you need is a sombrero, colourful poncho and a moustache. Accessorise with a shot glass necklace, maracas and your favourite tequila cocktail and you’re ready to party Mexican style!

Mexican Poncho Adult Costume
Plastic Sombrero Paper Chilli Cocktails


Stormtrooper Mens Costume


Are you a Sith or a Jedi? Get yourself ready for the biggest Star Wars event of the year - May the 4th! Whatever side you choose, make sure you are properly equipped with your lightsabers, blasterguns, X-wing Starfighters, Stormtroopers and, most importantly, your most trusted wookie companion.
Darth Vader Masks Lightsaber



Prepare for battle Spartan style in a gladiator costume and helmet. Choose from a range of costumes that includes all the necessary armor; belt, gauntlets and shin guards. Fight off your enemies with a sword and shield for accessories.

Spartan Warrior Mens Costume
Greek Sandals, Spartan Sword and Shield


Robin Hood Mens Plus Size Costume


Be the heroic outlaw from Nottingham, Robin Hood. Often depicted in green and medieval attire, choose from our range of dashing Robin Hood costumes. Accessorise with a bow and arrow and some trusty gloves. You can even dress up with your friends as the Merry Men.

Robin Hood Bow and Arrow Gloves





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Explore our legendary range of men’s costumes for all events and occasions. Reveal your secret identity with our huge selection of superhero costumes from Batman to the X-Men. We’re brimming with men’s costume ideas from the funny to the fantastical, as well as all your favourites from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more Halloween costumes than you can shake a severed limb at. Our Next Day Express Delivery means you’ll be able to change into your costume faster than Clark Kent, and you won’t even need to find a phone booth.